Nursing crisis leaves NHS Hospitals unsafe 

The Daily Mirror reports on an analysis by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) which found that more than nine in 10 of England’s 50 largest NHS hospital trusts are not adequately staffed with trained nurses.

Janet Davies Chief Executive and General Secretary at RCN  is quoted to say that more and more nurses are being replaced 'by cheaper, unqualified healthcare assistants'. The practice has raised concerns about mortality rates since it is believed that when the number of fully trained and registered nurses is reduced and the number of unskilled is increased, mortality rates rise significantly.

It is noted that the the number of people from Europe applying to become NHS nurses has fallen dramatically since the vote to leave the EU was announced.  The RCN has warned 'that Brexit will only make [the nurse shortage] worse'.

The article from The Daily Mirror can be accessed online here.

Page published: Fri 18 August 2017

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