NHS releases first ratings of all 44 STPs

The Health Service Journal (HSJ) has reported that the NHS has released the first tranche of performance metrics for Sustainability and Performance Partnerships (STPs).  These metrics are contained within an 'STP progress dashboard'.

The 44 STPs have been rated for the first time on progress they have made, enabling organisations, patients and the public to hold their STP to account.  The ratings are:

  • Green: Outstanding (five STPs)
  • Yellow: Advanced (14 STPs)
  • Orange: Making progress (20 STPs)
  • Red: Needs most improvement (five STPs)

The ratings have been informed by a set of metrics that sit within nine domains, under three categories.  The cancer metrics contained within the patient focused change category are:

  • Per cent of cancers diagnosed at stage one or two
  • 62-day waits
  • Cancer patient experience score

Access the STP dashboard here and the HSJ article here.

Page published: Fri 28 July 2017

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